Why have all my licenses suddenly stopped working? Why is my dongle disabled?

Applies to: All programs

One possible explanation is the date has been changed on the computer. If the computer's date is set back the hardlock will be disabled and will remain so even after the date is reset. You will need to contact Timestone Software to receive an unlock code for the hardlock.

You may also get an unlock code yourself via this link

Unlock a disabled dongle/hardlock

For License Server licenses other explanations are also possible

  1. The licenses may have expired
    • Check the licenses in your License Manager. It will tell you.

    • Check you main or primary license has not expired

  2. The License Server computer cannot be reached
    • Restart your License Server. This often fixes communication problems.

    • Make sure the Windows Firewall on the License Server is off or you have added the License Server as an exception

  3. The workstations are no longer connecting to the License Server
    • Restart the License Server computer

    • Make sure on the workstations the name or ip address of the License Server is entered correctly in the setup

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