Dongle return policy

Applies to: All programs

Below is an explanation of how broken, lost and mal-functioning dongles are handled.

Mal-functioning dongles

If the dongle simply ceases to work but has not been physically damaged we will replace it free of charge as soon as we receive the faulty dongle. The dongle MUST be returned to us before we can ship a replacement.

Broken dongles

Dongles that are broken will be replaced at a fee of $60 which includes two day UPS delivery in the USA or Express Post in Australia. The dongle MUST be returned to us before we can ship a replacement.

Lost dongles

Dongles that are lost either through misplacement or misadventure (such as fire or theft) are replaced at the cost of the time remaining on the software activated by that dongle. This also applies if your lab parallel dongle is stolen or destroyed. We therefore strongly recommend the software is included in your business insurance policy.

Protecting portable USB dongles

The best way to protect the USB dongles from loss or damage is to use USB extension cables. Tape the dongle securely into one end of the cable. Doing so means the dongle is unlikely to be bent or snapped. Also a dongle on an extension cable is less likely to be misplaced or lost.

Delivery times

In Australia dongles will be sent by overnight Express Post. In the USA, dongles will be shipped by two day UPS.

Delivery to all other countries will be by International Airmail with a 3-7 day delivery time. Shipping by express courier can also be arranged at cost.

In all cases please also allow 1-2 days for the dongle to be prepared before shipping

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