Adding licenses with the License Manager

Applies to: Installation and Licensing

A complete references for installing the software is now availabe for download here

Download Installation and Licensing Quick Start Guide

Download Installation and Licensing Full Manual

This article assumes you have installed the hardlock (dongle) and have downloaded and installed the appropriate program or programs. This article applies equally to adding your licenses for the first time and adding your extension licenses when you renew the software.

In order to run the software you will require a license for each application you own. Each license allows one user. (in some cases licenses are available in 3 user and 5 user licenses. Licenses codes are sent to you by email.

License codes are added via a License Manager. The License Manger is automatically installed on any computer you install the software.

  1. Detach the licenses from the email to a temporary location on your computer
  2. Choose Start > Programs > TimestoneSoftware > License Manager
  3. The License Manager will open
  4. Check the Last Status panel at the bottom of the License Manager window. I tshould Last Status OK, Hardlock #Your Hardlock Number.
  5. Click the Codes tab, then Add File. A Browse dialog opens.
  6. Browse to the location where you have savedyour license(s)
  7. Select the license code to add, then click Open. The license file is added to the license manager
  8. Continue adding license codes until all have been added.

End of article